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Meet Muriel

Muriel was an incredible wife, mother and grandmother, and the strongest creative influence in my life to date. Even with all of my years in art school or interacting with creative individuals, it is still my grandmother Muriel who had the biggest influence on my constant desire to create. I remember as a little girl watching her knit away for hours. I would be so excited to finally put on the sweater she had made me and I would wear it to school with such pride. If she wasn’t knitting, she was baking, sewing, crocheting, or doing needlepoint. Her talents knew no limits.

Now we aren’t talking about your milk and cookies kinda Grandma, but rather the tough loving kind. Always pushing her grandchildren to achieve our full potential. Although she's tough, she was also one of my biggest supporters when I ventured off the “accepted” path of University to follow my passion at art school. Always displaying my work around her house, and telling anyone who would listen how talented her granddaughter was. I will never forget everything she did for me.

The + Co

Although Muriel was my largest creative influence, there have been many other amazing individuals that have fed into this need and appreciation for the arts. Whether it be my art teachers, fellow students, co-workers, yoga instructors, friends and family, it is when I am surrounded by creative individuals where I am at my best.


These relationships and influences in our life should be celebrated. That is what Muriel and Co is all about. Celebrating the everyday; wearing reminders of the little things in life; and always keeping those who helped us get to where we are close to our hearts. Wear one to remember someone special, wear many to remind yourself how far you have come.

Meet the Maker

Meredith’s formal creative training started years ago when she ventured away from the acceptable path of university and dove head first into craft and design at Sheridan College. After graduating with honours, she spent a short time in the financial industry before continuing abroad to the National University of Australia where she completed her degree in Visual Arts, Honours in 2002.

She was then pulled back into her job in financial marketing where she spent the next 15 years building up her career and climbing the corporate ladder. But the constant desire to create never abated. She took night school classes at George Brown College in jewelry fundamentals to keep her creative interests alive, and now finds herself once again focusing on her love for making.

Meredith created Muriel and Co jewelry to remind you of your accomplishments and the people that helped you get there.

Here’s to celebrating the little things in life.